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  • Research Success for Sengenia and partners

    March 7th, 2017

    Sengenia are delighted to be able to announce that we have been successful in a number of collaborative research project submissions to the Royal Academy of Engineering, which has awarded Sengenia, along with our colleagues in the Research Centre for Photonics and Instrumentation, City University of London, support for three projects under its Industry-Academia Partnership Programmes (IAPP).

    Managing Director, Dr Simon Grattan, commented:

    ‘The three programmes of work cover a diverse range of projects and sectors, reflecting both the flexibility of fibre optic sensing and also the ability of the Sengenia team to assist customers and collaborators alike in a varied range of sensing requirements. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal Academy for their support, our collaborators for their efforts in bringing about these successful partnerships and importantly to the Sengenia team for their continued hard work and efforts. We are delighted as Sengenia celebrates 10 years of business in April 2017 that we are still engaged in cutting-edge research and finding new and innovative ways to meet the sensing requirements of our clients. I look forward to seeing the results from the collective efforts.’

    Comment from Professor Tong, Sun, Director of the Research Centre at City

    “We are delighted with the successful result in this recent group of applications for support from the Royal Academy of Engineering. This international scheme particularly prioritizes links forged between industry and academia, both in the UK and the international partner. Each project brings UK and international SEMs and academia together to undertake challenging research projects in fibre optic technology with strong industrially-focused outcomes. We value very much our partnership with Sengenia and the overseas SMEs in these new initiatives and look forward to taking the outcomes forward with Sengenia. We congratulate Sengenia on its 10th anniversary and look forward to many further years of success.”

    The projects, all collaborations between Sengenia and the Research Centre for Photonics and Instrumentation, City University of London, fall under the following headings:

    1. ‘Early detection of glaucoma through the development of ‘smart’ contact lenses for real-time intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring’

    Industry-academia partnership (IAPP) - China

    This project is a collaboration with the Centre of Applied Vision Research in the School of Health Sciences at City, a senior consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Tongji Hospital and Huaweike Intelligent Technology Co Ltd in China.

    2. ‘Development of a fiber-optic sensor network to monitor hazardous gas leaks in industrial plants’

    Industry-academia partnership – India

    This project is a collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar and Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI) in India

    3. ‘Advanced optical fibre sensor networks for improved structural health monitoring applications’

    Industry-academia partnership – South Africa

    This project is in collaboration with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Africa.

    Should you have any questions in relation to the above projects, or indeed if you or your organisation would like to be involved in a collaborative project with Sengenia, then please do not hesitate to get in contact via the email address or phone number

  • Micron Optics interrogator trade-in announced
    September, 2013

    Micron Optics have announced a new scheme for the trading-in of existing optical sensing hardware against new versions.

    The offer has been extended wider than solely Micron Optics equipment and will cover other FBG-based optical sensing instrument manufacturers as well.

    A trade-in could see you saving up to 40% off the price of a new instrument.

    Please click click here to read more of the details.

  • Micron Optics launch new Long Range Displacement Gage – os5500
    August, 2013

    Based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology, the os5500 is designed to measure displacements of up to 450mm between two gage points on the surface of a specimen or structure over long periods of time.

    The gage design is flexible enough to allow for easy attachment to various substrates making measurements on metal, concrete, rock/stone and other surfaces straightforward.

    The FBG sensors at the heart of the os5500 gage are located within a rugged, hard-coat anodized aluminum enclosure that shields them from the elements. This makes the os5500 ideal for outdoor and harsh environment applications.

    Please click here to read more of the details.

  • Recent developments in Fibre Optic Sensing

    Please click here to see the Sengenia newsletter item looking at recent developments in the world of fibre sensors and also to learn more about price reductions from Micron Optics.

  • Dynamic Interrogator Price Reductions

    Please click here for further information on dramatic price reductions introduced by Micron Optics to their dynamic interrogator range.

  • Micron Optics price reduction on dynamic units

    Sengenia are delighted to be able to pass on the details of an announcement recently made by Micron Optics.

    Micron have been able to significantly reduce the price of the dynamic line of optical sensing interrogators, with prices reduced by up to 50%. This announcement comes not long after Micron also announced reductions in the price of certain sensors and temperature compensation techniques, demonstrating yet again Micron's commitment to their customers.

    All optical sensing interrogator models continue to include Micron Optics' ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis software free of charge. The software package combines traditionally useful features of conventional sensor software with the specific needs of the optical sensor system.

    Contact Sengenia for more pricing details and we'll be only too glad to help in any way we can.

  • Titanic Project and Sensor Price Reductions

    Please click here for details on a project involving the dry dock gates from where Titanic was launched and also details of Micron Optics price reductions to fibre sensors.

  • New Displacement Sensor and Ultra-High Speed Module

    Please click here for details on a new Micron Optics displacement sensors and ultra-high speed module.

  • New high frequency dynamic unit coming soon!

    Micron Optics are shortly to add to their already impressive list of units with the sm690. Some more details are below, but make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter for the very latest on this exciting development.

    a)   The instrument will have four parallel channels each with sampling rate of 2MHz. Each channel will have the capacity for one FBG sensor.

    b)   The FBG sensors will have ~1nm BW and will be centred near 1550nm.

    c)   The instrument will operate from 2MHz to DC. The user will be able to interleave and/or average data to achieve the data rate desired either using the MOI-supplied interface or by modifying this in LabVIEW.

    d)   The duration of measurement is not limited by the sm690, only by the data storage capacity available in the customer's PXIe system or network.

    e)   Target measurement range for each channel is +/-20,000ue (microstrain).

  • Micron Optics launch os3155 Rugged FBG optical strain gage with temperature compensation
    March, 2011

    Micron Optics have launched a new strain sensor with built in temperature compensation for enhanced accuracy and ease of use.
    Click here for more details or contact Sengenia and we will gladly tell you more.

  • Micron Optics launch os5100 Displacement Sensor

    Micron Optics have launched a new displacement sensor, the os5100, in response to the demand for such a sensor with the enormous benefits of fibre optic capabilities added in. Click here for more details or contact Sengenia and we will gladly tell you more.

  • The Laser at 50
    September 13, 2010

    MD Simon Grattan was delighted to be invited to speak to a gathering of laser experts and enthusiasts at the scientific meeting of ‘The Laser at 50’ celebrations at Queen’s University Belfast, organised in conjunction with the Institute of Physics. Simon’s talk was entitled 'Fibre Bragg Gratings: fabrication, developments and applications’. If you would like more details on this presentation then please click here to contact Sengenia.

  • Thompson’s bridge in Fermanagh
    August, 2010

    Sengenia have completed the testing work of Thompson’s bridge in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The unique replacement bridge is using a combination of steel and basalt reinforced polymer bars. Sengenia was tasked with obtaining strain readings from the bars during a testing phase carried out by Queen’s University Belfast and Dr Su Taylor. The testing proved extremely successful and further details will be released shortly in our next newsletter.

  • Sengenia MD shortlisted for business award
    April, 2010

    Sengenia MD, Dr Simon Grattan, was shortlisted for the Belfast City Council ‘Best Young Person of the Year 2010’.
  • Simon commented ‘I’m delighted to have been shortlisted for this award and yet again it is a tremendous boost for the whole Sengenia team. I’m extremely grateful to both our customers, who make this possible, and also to the Sengenia team for their hard work and dedication.’

Ulster Bank Achievers Award

Nov 26, 2009
Sengenia has been announced as runner-up in the "Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards 2009" for the "Emerging Technology" section.

MD Dr Simon Grattan commented "It is great to get further recognition for the innovative work that is being carried out by our expert team and I am delighted for all who have put in such hard work over the last few years for Sengenia."

Young Business Person of the Year Award 2009
  • April 2, 2009
    Sengenia’s Managing Director, Simon Grattan, finished runner-up in the Belfast Telegraph Young Business Person of the Year Award 2009
    For more info,
    click here

The category was singled out by the judges as having a very large number of entrants and all of an extremely high standard. In finishing runner-up Simon was commended by the judges for his role as MD of Sengenia and praised for the growth and development that has already been seen.

Sengenia Managing Director Simon Grattan and his wife Carole Managing Director
Simon Grattan
and his wife Carole

Simon commented:
"The tremendous development that there has been for Sengenia over the last few years cannot be solely attributed to just one person and so my thanks must go to all of those in the Sengenia team who have made it possible. My thanks also to Micron Optics for the relationship that we have been able to build together in looking to provide enhanced sensing and monitoring to our customer base. Finally, and most importantly, my thanks to our customers for supporting us and recognising the numerous benefits that fibre optic sensing has to offer over conventional sensing techniques."

Director Dr Su Taylor at the Ramada hotel event Director Dr Su Taylor at the Ramada hotel event

The awards, now in their ninth year, attract wide interest from businesses across Northern Ireland.

Young Businessperson of the Year, open to business professionals 30 years and younger, has been introduced to recognise the outstanding work of a young professional or manager.

Simon Grattan, Managing Director, Sengenia Ltd Simon Grattan, Managing Director of Sengenia Ltd has been awarded 2nd place in the Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award 2008  (16th October 2008)

Sengenia Managing Director finishes Runner-Up in Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2008 and receives Special Award for Innovation at All-Ireland Final

Originally shortlisted in the top 8 young entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland out of 120 entries, Simon won a trophy and cheque for £2,000.

Congratulations Simon! For more details about the event, click here

  • UKSEC Business Planning Competition (27th November 2007)
    Managing Director, Simon Grattan, was shortlisted in the top five across the United Kingdom for the UKSEC National Business Plan Competition. For more details please see:

  • Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn regional finalists (6th November 2007)
    Sengenia were shortlisted to the top 3 finalists for the Northern Ireland section of the Emerging Company competition. Please see here for more details.

  • Sengenia Awarded Invest NI SMART Award (2nd October 2007)
    Sengenia have been successful in obtaining Invest NI backing for the further development of a chemical sensor for enhanced monitoring of infrastructure. SMART enables businesses to share research and development (R&D) financial risks, and also to increase their competitiveness and their investment in innovation.

  • Intertrade Ireland High commendation (7th December 2006)
    Sengenia receives high commendation from Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn judgement panel

  • 25K Award runner up (19th October 2006)
    Sengenia awarded runner up in Investment Belfast 25k Award. Organised by Investment Belfast, the £25K Awards are sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Invest Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast City Council and NICENT.

    The 25k Award is a prestigious competition which demands technical and management skills to make the bridge between technology and the market place.